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If you’re a fan of anal sex toys, you’ve certainly got a soft spot in your heart for anal fox tail butt plugs seen at Plugjoy. Sure, it’s about as simple as adult toys get, but it provides complete anal satisfaction with a profile that’s sleek and discreet. Still, when times are tough, you might find yourself pondering alternatives to the retail fox tail butt plug – namely a homemade version. It’s easy to make a homemade anal toy for yourself and as long as you’re careful and take reasonable precautions, it’s perfectly safe to use.

The best option is a tube of M & M’s minis, or even better, the Christmas variant that comes in a candy cane-shaped tube – the curve on the end makes it hard for your homemade anal toy to become trapped in your rectum. Simply empty the tube if you haven’t done it already, securely tape the top closed, sheathe it within a condom and apply lube.

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Fox Tail Butt Plugs Are In Fashion

Produce! Yes, it’s cliche, but a good choice of cucumber gives even the most jaded girth lovers total anal satisfaction and it’s a natural distribution of nubs and bumps will caress every last pleasure cluster in your rectum, making it one of the finest sex toys you can buy on the cheap. Slip the condom on the cuke, apply lube, and you’re ready for action.

If you’re one of those people who’s continually buying data discs, you’ve got the raw material for a fine butt plug right on hand – the spindle they’re packaged on. If you buy the economy size disc assortment, you’re in for a treat, but even smaller spindles can be pleasureable. Just wrap the top in duct tape until it’s smooth and rounded, and then you’re all set.

Just because anal sex toys can be somewhat expensive doesn’t mean you have to leave yourself out of the fun. Just take care to always use condoms and lube with your homemade anal toy, and never insert your toy deeply. You don’t want to visit the ER because there’s a cucumber tip trapped in your ass. Play safe, play smart and above all, have fun.


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