Phone Sex Catholic Girls

Phone Sex In Australia

Phone sex in Australia is a growing trend in 2019, it is estimated that over 365,000 calls were made in the country alone. The question is really why not? and is it really hurting anyone? It is cheap and affordable as well as being none physical. It has been considered a dodgy thing to do call up someone and talk sex. Many businesses in the past have been accused of bad practices involving fake profiles on web pages, employing handicapped women. The industry has been cleaned up somewhat and consumer affairs now monitors the phone sex industry vigorously. Catholic Students Australia is just one of the companies we decided to call to see what the industry was really like.

Phone sex is now affordable

In Australia, the average price for a telephone call to a service is between $1.80 and $3.95 it is not costly.  More so women nowadays are real it is illegal for the phone sex companies to post images on profiles of women who are not working for them. From time to time even the most outgoing single male gets lonely and reportedly this is where most calls come from. It makes sense that lonely men call XXX adult chat services, the alarming statistic is the new wave of young men who are reportedly calling phone sex services.

Most women who work for adult chat businesses say” it is mainly men who have recently broken up with a partner or who simply are finding it hard to find a partner”. Surprisingly most women confirm the man cheating on his wife making a call to them is very small and rare.

We called a phone sex business in Australia to see for ourselves what the women and companies had on offer. When we called the telephone was answered immediately and a lady named Clara answered the telephone. We asked if Clara was her real name and she answered honestly it was not. We then started talking dirty and she was quick to participate and make the call extremely sexy and fun.

We won’t disclose too much about the call apart to say it was awesome. We spent 20 minutes on our mobile telephone and when reviewing our bill the total was $50. We choose a mid price Australian company who had on their web page that they had been operating for over 7 years.

What to say during phone sex

It was somewhat surprising to us that when we placed the call to our adult chat provider we were a bit puzzled for words and not sure exactly what to say. We also asked around different phone sex providers as to some advice on what to say to break the ice. There were no tips and what we got was an honest and consistent response from all of the business we approached “ring more than once get comfortable and try to choose the same girl”.


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